Who we are?


Medical tourism provider “Treat Plus Travel” is an international company that helps its patients arrange the processes of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation at the best medical institutions of Turkey.

While our headquarters is located in Istanbul, several other offices are operating across Turkey and internationally.

Our main goal is to fully meet our customers` needs and requirements, even if it means for us to raise the quality bar up to a completely new lever in the sector.

Here are our four main principles we abide by to reach this goal:

We adhere to the Hippocratic oath

Although strictly speaking we are not a medical institution. Therefor we act in the interest of our patients first, and only then in the interest of our investors.






We are always ready to share

With our patients:

-Information on health and medical care that we continuously accumulate and process;

- Exclusive discounts that persistently “squeeze” out of our generous service providing partners.
With our service providers: 

- our experience and eternal quest for excellence.

With our partners: 

- our knowledge, experience and … revenues!


We are picky and selective

When choosing our partners. Doctors we cooperate with are normally the best ones in their respective specialty. Clinics and laboratories are equipped with the cutting edge technologies and comply with the most serious quality standards for medical institutions.





We love our patients VERY much

We also love life and Turkey, and we believe in the miraculous power of good mood. We at Treat Plus Travel are dedicated to work hard so that our patients take best impressions and experience with them back home.


Our ultimate goal is to make sure that as a result of the treatment our customers feel exceptionally well.




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